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In this section, you can find the news the “Grus Extremadura” working group is producing. Go in and you’ll read the news that have been published from the beginning, for the study and the conservation of this amazing bird, and its habitats in Extremadura. MIGRACIÓN E INVERNADA DE LA GRULLA…

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Here, you can consult the data we are generating in the different census that we make every season, as well as the methodology. This aspect can be consider vital to know how the cranes population are. The Common Crane (Grus grus), is a wintering bird in Extremadura,  included in the Catálogo Regional…

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Rings reading

If you find any ringed bird, you can send its reading to: (José Ángel), or you can use the form below:    

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Wellcome everybody to the Grus Extremadura working group blog. By means of this tool, we will try to update what the group does, and all those remarkable things, about the Common Crane.

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Programmed regional census common crane 2015-2016
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